Odd, isn’t it? It’s always the poor who live in one room spaces, down to kitchens in their bedroom. Apparently the haves now want what the have-nots have long put up with.As to where you should make changes, that depends, of course, on the condition of your home. But most people start with the kitchen, where renovations have the most dramatic impact on your lifestyle and on the resale value of your home.Now that you have your materials and you can begin construction on this exciting project. Think of the enjoyment you will have under your shaded patio and know that you built that cover yourself. Make sure that your footings are in the right place. When you set the posts, check and double check for plumb and square. Remember, your beams and other lattice cross member pieces will be sitting on this ‘foundation’. There is nothing worse than having your pergola being racked. This makes it so obvious that you built it yourself – and did a poor job at that!In order to make the season enjoyable and reduce the amount of stress that i feel as a mother of two young children, I always look for quick and easy dinner time meals that will taste good and satisfy my family, while keeping my workload to a minimum. One of the best solutions that I have found is to look for recipes that have only a few easy- to-find ingredients, that can be made hours (or days ahead of time.) One dish meals (not necessarily traditional casserole recipes) are easy and have been my saving grace in that they are less complicated to make and serve. Not only is preparation more simplified, but getting an one dish meal from the oven to the table is much easier, as well. A delicious meat and pasta dish served with a lovely green salad is all everyone needs on a busy weeknight.

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